Learn HTML + CSS by Building a Text Editor Inside a Text Editor

This is a slide deck. Use left/right keys to navigate between slides.

Thanks to David Karger and Lea Verou for teaching MIT 6.S063: Design for the Web and developing Inspire.js

Made by Vincent Huang using Inspire.js

Note: Not intended for actual educational use


Step 1: Styling a Textarea

    Your first task is to style a textarea component to look like the one on the right. Some suggestions:
  • Google extensively to learn about CSS properties you're not sure about!
  • You can use linear-gradient to get the striped background effect.

Step 2: Positioning Elements

    Your next task is to create two textareas positioned like the ones on the right. Some suggestions:
  • You can use flex to control the positions of the two textareas.
  • You'll probably need a mix of relative and absolute positioning to get the HTML and CSS labels in the top right corners.